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UN 62nd Commission on the Status of Women | Gender Equity in Journalism

I am often asked to speak about Indigenous affairs, the climate crisis, and journalism, including insight into my own personal reporting experiences regarding challenges with workplace diversity and inclusion, and how I built my freelance career. In the past, I've also been asked to speak about press freedom issues centered around my arrest and later acquittal while reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrations in North Dakota.

In addition to public speaking, I enjoy interviewing others as part of live events such as Tina Brown's Women in the World Summit where I led Q+A's with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, then-President of Planned Parenthood Cecil Richards, actress Maria Bello, and media entrepreneur, Arianna Huffington, to name a few.  I also love when I can share conversations with my Native elders, leaders, and educators as seen in this recent online event, Sovereignty and Home.

Here are some nice things people have said about me:

"Thank you @jennimonet for bringing your insight and wisdom - and amazing presence!" - Candis Callison, Princeton University International Symposium on Indigenous Communities and Climate Change

"It was such an honor to meet you in person whose blog I followed on revealnews.org when you were given access to cover the Standing Rock movement on their website. Your commitment to giving voice to the voiceless and courage are moving." - Mila Sanina, Nat'l Conference on the First Amendment

"From the attendees at this conference I heard harrowing accounts unlikely to go reported anywhere else, brave reporters such as Jenni Monet, who writes about Indigenous communities in the United States." - Jason Rezaian, The Washington Post

"It was an inspired session, and to have your ideas serve as the starting point for the conversation was special and generative." - Chi-hui Yang, Ford Foundation

To have me speak or participate at your conference or event, please email me.